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Hestia is a role play card-based game in space setting.

Year 2030. The protagonist is a spaceman from Earth, which takes part in the newest spaceship engine testing near Pluto on Hestia spacecraft. But the result of the experiment was unpredictable. The engine malfunctioned, as a result, a small anomaly looking like a black hole was created.

The protagonist opens eyes and does not see Pluto anymore, just darkness and coldness. In the next moment, they see a ship, but not from the Earth. Alien spaceship! The light beam pulls them to the ship owned by the rude and mad alien captain - a slave trader - who forces you to work in the mines. After arriving at the planet, one of the slaves, called Thrall, approaches you and offers you to escape. He provides you with basic weapons and teaches you how to use them. The protagonist and Thrall steal a spaceship, which can deliver them to the next planetary system, but no further, not to Earth.

  1. Summary
    1. Aim: Come back home after ending up millions light-years away from Earth.
    2. How do you begin and what do you do. You get captured by slave traders, who force you to work in the mines. One of the slaves, called Thrall, approaches you and offers you to escape. He provides you with basic cards and teaches you how to use them (starts a tutorial fight with a tin can, where you attack using cards from your deck).
    3. How does the game respond to your actions. You discover and explore new locations, interact with other characters and fight enemies in a turn-based card combat, progressing through the story.
    4. What changes in game over time or as you progress. Both you and enemies get stronger cards, enemies become tougher.
    5. What must you do to keep up with the game progress. Player has to get better cards in order to progress through the story (get to another star system, break through the barrier, sneak past patrols etc.)

Install instructions

1) Download ZIP archive.

2) Extract it and start "hestia.exe"


Hestia_milestone1.zip 21 MB
Hestia_milestone2.zip 29 MB
Hestia_milestone3.zip 31 MB

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